Introductory Evolution As A Comic

I’m part of a Facebook group that discusses creationism and evolutionary science in debate format. It can be fun, but there is a definite, unfortunate, trend. Most vocal folks on the YEC side don’t seem to have a good handle on what evolution actually is. You can’t have much of an intelligent conversation with someone who doesn’t know the basic definitions of terms for a scientific theory they want to disagree with. The result is frustrating for everyone involved.

I do have some sympathy for this situation. Not everyone has the time to take an introductory level course on evolution.

Solution? I drew up this comic explaining most of the introductory level basics of the theory of evolution. Hopefully folks find it both accessible and informative, and much time is saved explaining basics.

Feel free to share the image for educational use, never for profit, and always with proper credit given.

One thought on “Introductory Evolution As A Comic

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